DJ DDT-TROPICANA & DJ SCOON/Welcome II Gangsta Party ★新品★




Gangsta Rap入門編。鬼コラボ。G-Rapのド定番からちょっぴり深い鬼レア皿まで、
G-Rap Partyのメインタイムを揺らし続けるバンギンチューンクラシック全55曲。
R.G.S Recordzの代表として、都内でG-RapのPartyを揺らしまくっているDJ SCOONと、
King Of Classics、DJ DDT-TROPICANAが10年以上の交流を実らせ、ついに合体!!
未だにVinylオンリーのDJスタイルに拘り続けるDJ SCOON、
そして屈指のVinylディガーDJ DDT-TROPICANAが二人で考えに考え抜いた選曲はまさに圧巻。
DJ SCOONが担当する後半は、
■販売元:Hybrid Rec.

1.Let Me Ride / Dr. Dre feat. Snoop Doggy Dogg
2.Doggy Dogg World / Snoop Doggy Dogg feat. Tha Dogg Pound & The Dramatics
3.Regulate (Wicked Mix) / Warren G. & Nate Dogg
4.Fuck Wit Dre Day / Dr. Dre feat. Snoop Doggy Dogg
5.What’s My Name / Snoop Doggy Dogg
6.Gin And Juice / Snoop Doggy Dogg
7.California Love (Long Radio Edit) / 2 Pac feat. Dr. Dre & Roger Troutman
8.In California / Daz Dillinger
9.The Next Episode / Dr. Dre feat. Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg & Kurupt
10.Let’s Get Ill! / Crooklyn Clan
11.Bitch Please / Snoop Dogg feat. Xzibit & Nate Dogg
12.X / Xzibit
13.Bow Down / Westside Connection
14.Gangsta Nation / Westside Connection feat. Nate Dogg
15.Groovin’ (The Party Mix) / Radio feat. DarQ & Roc Chill
16.Stone Cold Nut / Battlecat feat. Slanga
17.West Si-Yi-Yi-Yide / Money Mile$
18.California Streets / D.J U-Neek feat. L. Jay
19.California Thugin’ / 2 High
20.Let’s Get High / Dr. Dre feat. Hittman, Kurupt & Ms. Roq
21.Puerto Rico Break (Back Ass Yo Remix) / Fatman Scoop
22.Pistolgrip-Pump / Volume 10
23.Gangsta Rap / Tha Dogg Pound feat. Crooked I
24.Who Ride With Us / Kurupt feat. Daz Dillinger, Roscoe & Jay-O-Felony
25.Let Me Clear My Throat (Tupac Tribute Edit) / DJ Kool
26.I Get Around (Single Remix) / 2 Pac
27.Guerrilla Funk (Deep Fo’ Real Mix) / Paris
28.Quo Funk / Quo feat. Brownstone
29.Welcome II Kaliphornia / Infamous DJ Trigg
30.Saw You On The Dance Floor / Lil Rob
31.Everybody Bounce / Aztec Tribe
32.Rollin’ Wit Tha Funk / Mistery
33.Gangsta Kind / Madd West
34.Rider / Brown Boy
35.Aunt Thomasina / Sir Mix-A-Lot feat. Amy Dorsey
36.What Cha Claimin (OG Mix) / Rhyme Poetic Mafia
37.West Coast Radio / Latino Velvet feat. Don Cisco
38.The Lick / Playa 1000 with. The D’kster
39.Oh My Reella ”G” Gee Like That / The Reella
40.Rollin’ / Young MC
41.Hustlers Playtime / Toyster
42.Don’t Fuck Wit Us / King George
43.Bounce If U Wanna / NB Ridaz feat. Frost
44.All Night / N2Deep feat. Roger Troutman
45.Bump Bump (Club Mix) / Big Jsa feat. D.J Frog
46.Put’ Em Up (Original Mix) / Mercenaries
47.Los Angels (Street Edition) / EVP
48.Don’t You Know / C-Funk
49.Saturday Night Ballin’ / Slow Pain
50.Thangs You Do / Khayree feat. Problem Child & Shima
51.Funk Wid Dis / Vontel
52.The West Coast Rydaz, Hit Em Up (Street Version) / DJ Aladdin feat. Ice T & Tha West Coast Rydaz
53.The Money Is Made (Bounce Mix) / Detroit’s Most Wanted
54.Beware Of My Crew (DJ Pooh Remix) / L.B.C. Crew feat. Tray D & South Sentrell
55.Shake It Momma (Low Rider Mix) / Gangsta Boogie

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